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What is the Monthly MIXX Method?

Most workout programs fail due to participant plateau.  The MIXX Method removes the plateau predicament many people experience.  The workouts change weekly, the schedule changes monthly.  These changes are a direct result of client progress and performance.  At MIXX, our “classes” are better described as small group training sessions.  There are never more than 12 people in a class, which promotes a sense of community as well as allows instructors to closely monitor performance.

The basic recipe we follow at MIXX is a balance of strength and cardio workouts. All workouts have a component of each, but every other day the focus of the workout changes between strength or cardio. The workouts are never the same type of cardio or the same type of strength training, which is how we avoid the plateau problem.

For the month of January, the focus is “Just One Things”, and our recipe is as follows:

A new year has arrived and with it thoughts of improvement, excitement of possibilities and also PRESSURE to perform. The key to making these new plans, or resolutions as we name them in January, is changing “Just One Thing” at a time. So often we try to crash diet, or break a bad habit cold turkey. These strategies, while effective sometimes for a short time, do not stick. This month, we will chose “Just One Thing” to change in order to move closer to our overall goals and resolutions. Change is big part of who we are at MIXX, and the schedule has changed once again. Through team work and accountability we will be more likely to find success in 2020!

The goal at MIXX Fitness is for clients to have a one stop shop place to work out and reach their individual fitness goals! We feel strongly about our own personal fitness goals and those of our clients. We are you will LOVE the workouts, instructions and the community at MIXX Fitness. We can’t wait to see you!

MIXX is Resolution Ready!

Our theme for January is try to change “Just One Thing.” We realize that will not be the same for everyone so are adding lots of opportunities to try something new.

Introductory Classes in January

Monday 5:45 PM – Monday Night MIXX

Monday 6:30 PM – Yoga for ALL

Tuesday 9:15 AM, 12:15 PM – STRENGTH Circuit

Wednesday 6 PM – Spin All Levels

Wednesday 7 PM – Yoga Fundamentals

Thursday 9:15 AM, 12:15 PM – Totally Toned TRX

Saturday 10 AM – TRX Transformation


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Our Location

1950 Main Avenue, Suite #3 (Formerly Busy Bees Pottery, located behind TD Bank on Ridge Pike)

Hear What People Are Saying About MIXX Fitness

  • I first met Melissa in 2012 in a spin class and thought wow she must work out all the time! I will never be able to keep up with her. Then I started taking spin classes at Aim High with Melissa and got to know the true Melissa: the woman who takes personal pride and challenges everyone in her class to better themselves. After taking her spin classes which are high energy, engaging and encouraging for the entire hour, I decided to try her as a personal trainer. My husband and I went to our first session with Melissa and left tired, sore and excited for the next session. We worked with Melissa for about 6 months and then expanded to her classes. My husband started taking her crazy Friday morning classes and I continued to take her spin class, her weekend morning classes and TRX classes. I just had our first child and I am looking forward to working with Melissa again. I miss her Saturday morning spin class and I am hoping I an still get a spot when I am ready to work out again. Though Melissa has motivated me and encouraged me to be my best. The best part of meeting Melissa has been becoming her friend and knowing she is sincerely cheering me on at my current level to be a better person. She has also been there to listen, celebrate and help out in any way. Meeting, getting to know, and working out with Melissa will be a positive influence for anyone.

  • When I started working with Melissa I had been experiencing back issues which I had been trying to solve with weekly massages, yoga, and chiropractic work. I was slightly weary of lifting again because my injury stemmed from a lifting injury, but Melissa’s small group training breathed new life into my health and my workouts. Melissa’s classes felt like a personal training session – she not only knows me personally but is attentive to my individual needs during her workouts. Not only has my back been pain-free for the last few months since working with Melissa, but I also feel like my body is in amazing shape thanks to Melissa’s killer workouts.

  • I have been working out at MIXX fitness for around 3 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience. Melissa is extremely encouraging and pushes me to work harder each class. The workouts are always different and I look forward to each class. Melissa is very personable and a well rounded person. Her dedication to seeing her members succeed is truly heartwarming! She has helped me tone and strengthen my body. She has also given me bonus tips on how to workout and eat healthier on my own. I also love the friendly feel that the classes at MIXX have. The members of MIXX are very welcoming which helped me not feel intimidated. I highly recommend MIXX!!!

  • My experience with MIXX fitness have been positive for several years if you are looking for a community vs just a place to workout.  My sense of loyalty comes in mind of MIXX establishment is the authenticity of local business owner managed with true integrity and sweat (really sweat too) in caring for clients wellbeing.  A community that you can enjoy through wellness of fitness classes and sometimes just good conversation of life which we all face with the daily environment of stress.  A place to come and be free for an hour of relief through the goodness of instructors care.  MIXX is not a fly by small business but an establishment with integrity to clients wellbeing.  A place where clients can have a saying and a business that listens.

  • I have been training with Melissa for 18 months. She is encouraging, energetic and knowledgeable. I never get bored because she always switches the focus from balance, to toning, to endurance, to strength. She truly is a professional who puts her clients’ abilities and interests first. Whether you are already in great shape, or just starting your fitness program, Melissa is your perfect trainer.

  • MIXX Fitness is a gem (not gym)located in Conshohocken. It’s owned and operated by MPS who is a truly inspirational athlete. She is professional, personable and in fantastic shape. She not only provides a variety of classes such as Spin, TRX, Kickboxing and Yoga but she actually leads several of them. When I say she leads, I mean she does them with you! And the trainers who work for her do, too. They practice what they teach which makes me personally feel that the results I seek are realistic and attainable. If you’re looking for serious fitness that’s fun and affordable, MIXX is the place to go. There are no contracts or recurring monthly fees. You can treat yourself to as few or as many classes as suits your time and budget. With my work schedule, the early morning classes have enabled me to exercise before getting to work on time and the hassle and worry of leaving work by a certain time has been eliminated. But regardless of the class variety, times and affordability, what I appreciate most is the atmosphere of encouragement and the feeling that all are welcome regardless of age, shape and fitness level. If you haven’t given MIXX Fitness a try, you really should.

  • I highly recommend Mixx Fitness - I have been running for a number of years but was looking to add strength training to my routine as I get older. TRX was the perfect fit for me - I love the Saturday morning classes that have TRX as well as weights and kettlebells. Melissa changes up the class monthly so you don’t get bored and provides modifications as needed so that everyone - beginners and advanced alike - get a great workout. I also have been taking their yoga classes regularly- I’ve found yoga to be a great addition to my daily routine and Mixx has a variety of styles and teachers so you can find the right fit for you. They are very helpful and patient with beginners as well as providing challenges for more experienced practitioners. Pair a yoga class with one of their other classes for a great total body treat!

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